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Dino Zone

dino area

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Dinosaur Area

Meet and greet with Rex the T Rex (in M&G area) 

Meet and greet with Baby Dinos (in M&G area) 

Dino Crafts (painting eggs... making masks) 


Dino Stories

The author of the series of Dinosaur books, ‘What’s so special about Dinosaurs’, Nicky Dee, will join the Gloworm festivities.

Nicky Dee is a dedicated dinosaur fan and expert. Having fallen under the spell of these perennially popular, prehistoric creatures seven years ago, Nicky Dee has become so obsessed that she's changed her career, and now writes children's books about dinosaurs full-time.

Full of the sort of fascinating facts that children love, Nicky Dee can help children rate their favourite dinosaur as to whether it’s the brainiest, fastest, scariest, has the biggest / best weapons, etc. (think top trumps for dinosaurs!) 

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Multi award winning palaeontologist, Dean Lomax, will join forces with Nicky Dee, author of the ‘What’s so Special About Dinosaurs’ series, to provide entertaining and educational workshops about dinosaurs at Gloworm this year.

Dean, who worked on the ‘What’s so Special’ books with Nicky to check the facts in the books, will be bringing along multi-million-year-old fossil, including dinosaur bones and footprints for our Glowormers to see and touch! 

Dino Dig - digging for dinosaur bones 

Booking of workshops recommended due to limited places each day

Please visit the workshops you would like to book when on site, we will be taking 50% pre-bookings and 50% walk-ins for each workshops running through the day    


Dinostar’s Dinosaur Workshop

An interactive, hands-on workshop with some of Dinostar’s fascinating collection of dinosaur exhibits. You’ll get an opportunity to hear about dinosaurs including Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex and then see and touch genuine and replica dinosaur fossils at close quarters. The workshop features dinosaur teeth, claws, bones and even dinosaur eggs!  Steve Plater, owner of the Dinostar dinosaur museum in Hull, will be your guide in this hands-on dinosaur experience.

Splat Messy Play

Splat Messy Play is excited about bring the creative Mess to this year’s Glow-worm festival.

Since 2009 Toddlers and Babies have been attending our Classes, Parties and Events all over the UK!

Splat Messy Play allows children to build, imagine, experience, investigate, explore, and create... and the best thing is... it's soooo much fun!

We do not focus on producing an end product but instead allow children the freedom required for sensory play & development using various wet and dry mediums. Splat is a great opportunity for both you and your little one to get out of the house and make new friends whilst developing through messy play...and we clean it all up! Parents will find that you will relax