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Great Outdoors

The Greatoutdoors 

The Great Outdoors 

Sunday 19th of August

JB Gill

JB will be spending the day with everyone down at the White Post Farm area, he will be running farming workshops with the families , plus storytelling and Meet and Greets at intervals through out the day.     



White Post Farm

Free-range fun for all the family at White Post Farm!

White Post Farm - one of the East Midlands most popular tourist attractions.

This year is the 30th Birthday and we want to celebrate this with everyone at the festival.   

For 30 years we've been entertaining millions of kids and adults, giving them the chance to get up close to hundreds of friendly animals right here at 'The Great Outdoors'. 

This year we are adding the following activities 

Goat Milking Demos. 
Pony Grooming
Hoof trimming (goats)
Bottle feeding (kids and lambs)
Small animal health checks and health care tips

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Clip and Climb

Where climbing meets theme park in an exciting new leisure concept for ages four and up.

Our stunning series of climbing-based activities provide healthy, challenging fun for all the family!


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The Hive

Kids a little too old for Tiny Tots? Way to cool for Peppa Pig? Awesome! Then don't worry grown ups, we've got this!

The Brilliant area in-between are back again this year with a whole area dedicated to Children over 7, and activities that are perfect for tweens to tweens. 

Make a Mutant Teddy, or some awesome Jewellery, have a go on Dizzy the Paint bike or take part in festival crafts, this is the perfect zone for your older kids! 

Come and join in their music making workshops, and even learn to breakdance! The Area in-between team are here to inspire our older festival goers. Not only that, but this year they are being joined by the brilliantly quirky WRONG PONG. Wrong Pong is a game based on ping pong, and is to ping pong what crazy golf is to golf. It uses angled tables, tables with obstacles, oddly-shaped tables, tables with textured surfaces, and occasionally different bats. Matches are fast and fun.What can be wrong about that kind of Pong? Let's wait and see! 

The craft workshops will be:-
Mutant Teddies
Boho festival headband
Paracord workshop, key rings, bracelets etc
Bubble wands and giant bubbles
Recycled jewellery
Carnival headdresses
Dizzy the paint splat bike
Giant paint by numbers. 

(No booking required)  

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