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Squiggles Play Bus!

At the Gloworm Festival we will be providing a wonderful soft play bus for the children to enjoy, but don’t worry adults, we have a bus for you too (a Bus Bar, that is!).

Squiggles Play Bus is a fantastic soft play bus that will keep children entertained for ages. From ball pits to slides and obstacles to manoeuvre through, the Play Bus is a great way to keep your little ones active.

The Play Busses that are used by Squiggles are retired school busses, that have been given a brand new lease of life so they can provide a fantastic service for children, once again.

The Bus Bar will be situated next to the Soft Play Bus, so while your children are playing on their bus, you can have a nice relaxing drink at your very own bus.

Tickets for the festival are selling at a quick rate, so make sure you get yours, you wouldn’t want to miss out!