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Dinosaur author Nicky Dee joins the fun at the Gloworm Festival 2017

Dedicated dinosaur fan and children’s educational author Nicky Dee will be joining the fun at the Gloworm Family Friendly Festival at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August 2017.

Having fallen under the spell of these perennially popular, prehistoric creatures seven years ago, Nicky Dee has become so obsessed that she's changed her career, and now writes children's books about dinosaurs full-time.

 Author Nicky Dee with Palaeontologist Dean Lomax 

Author Nicky Dee with Palaeontologist Dean Lomax 

The highly collectable, brightly coloured books in the ‘What’s so Special about Dinosaur?’ series are 100% up to date, backed up by the latest dinosaur research and packed full of illustrations and insights into how these creatures looked, lived, survived and thrived during the time when dinosaurs ruled the world.

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Nicky Dee will be at the Gloworm Festival on Saturday (19th) and Sunday (20th) August, running a series of workshops during which children will get the chance to ask questions, share facts about their favourite dinosaurs and handle some very impressive fossils – including a giant T. rex tooth!

As well as writing about individual dinosaurs Nicky Dee also writes children’s books which tackle some of the bigger dinosaur topics like the Extinction Theories and the Descendants of the Dinosaurs.

 Nicky Dee with Silverline School Cyprus

Nicky Dee with Silverline School Cyprus

Check out the dedicated Special Dinosaurs website, find out about the experts that helped Nicky Dee create her book series, how to create a 3D dinosaur model and join the free Special Dinosaurs Club: Each week you’ll be sent free dinosaur games, puzzles and quizzes and colouring-in sheets

You can book your tickets for the Gloworm 2017 festival now: and join Nicky Dee and the famous CBeebies dinosaur adventurer Andy Day!