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According to the NHS, obesity is expected to rise 73% resulting in half of us becoming significantly overweight by 2030; an unhealthy outcome that stems from learned behaviour in the home. A new business, ChewyMoon, is taking a small step towards changing this course.

ChewyMoon is a subscription snack box for kids between 4-10 years old, and customised according to a child’s age and activity. Their agenda is simple – to be your child’s first snack brand that makes it as much fun to learn about nutrition as it is to eat the snack. Healthy snacks are rarely engaging and engaging snacks are rarely healthy. Engagement, comprising taste, mouth-feel and visual-appeal often wins, while health takes a backseat.

“Parents need a radically different way of getting their children to eat healthy”, says co-founder Verena Klanner, a registered nutritionist with a background in child nutrition. “The best marketers in the world are junk food and drink companies, who are preying on kids with cleverly packaged look and feel. As parents, before introducing healthy snacks to children, we ought to introduce the ‘idea' of healthy, so that they are stimulated to demand for it from parents. You need to understand and speak to kids about nutrition in their lingo. The best part about Chewymoon is children learn about nutrition from an ape in a spacesuit rather than an adult droning on about healthy eating.”

Chewymoon is a four-dimensional land from where the ‘Moonas’, a bunch of crazy critters, travelled to earth to save kids from Professor Wolfberg, the ambassador for the junk food industry. Illustrated comics, collectable cards and toys depict the fight between the good and the bad.

Ingredients are sourced from select producers with a reputation for developing healthy foods. New snacks are then sampled and approved with groups of kids to measure their engagement. For £4.93 subscribers get five all natural snacks, together with a comic, collectable battle card and totem toy delivered through their letterbox. Customers can choose to receive a random selection of five snacks every week or choose from over 40 snacks that includes fruit-smoothie chips, pure fruit shapes, baked cheese, smoky coconut flakes to name a few. The snacks cover the entire spectrum – sweet and savoury, natural and baked, exotic and close-to-home. 

“The snack box is designed to capture kids’ imaginations, creating a formative impact on kids’ eating habits for later life”, says Laurence Thomas, Co-Founder of Chewymoon. “Suddenly your kids will love something that’s good for them. Kids never love something that’s good for them – they are kids!”, says Laurence.

Gaz Allen