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Pipity - Bringing Play Back to Life

I spent a couple of years developing the Pipity range and then launched it last May.  As a Mum of 3 there were a number or reasons that inspired to create Pipity, the key one’s probably being:

1. Years of broken pencils and felt tip pens staining and littering the bottom of my handbag, along with crumpled creations resulting in disgruntled kids.

2. Two of my kids love making and creating and I struggled to find great presents with any longevity to celebrate and inspire their creative flare.

3. Feeling uneasy about the growing role of technology in my children’s lives, I wanted to find a fun alternative solution that would help me balance screen use.  Something that would ignite their imaginations, be easy to take out-and-about, that would neatly sidestep the perennial ‘screen negotiation’ and satisfy the cries of “I’m bored”! 

I design all Pipity products and packaging at my kitchen table in Devon, and do all the artwork for the Pipity books and marketing.  To date I am running it all myself (but am looking forward to a time I can get a bit of help in).  Juggling it round family life keeps me very busy and out of trouble!    

Pipity is ready to grab and go, it’s lightweight, compact, practical and easy for kids to use in those ‘I’m bored’ situations…cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms, cars, planes or trains, or when away from their toys at home! 

Over the last year the Pipity Activity case has won the following awards:

- Right Start Best Toy Award 2016 in their Arts and Crafts category

- Loved by Parents Gold Award 2016 in their best Stimulative Toy category

- Junior Design Silver Award 2016 in their best travel product category

There is more information about Pipity on my website:  All sales are fulfilled by Amazon. 

Gaz Allen