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Revolution in car seat safe travel wear – ‘Huggle Me Close’ Ltd

Huggle Me Close Ltd picked up a Silver Award at the Practical Preschool and Childcare Awards. The panel recognised the importance of the unique, revolutionary system developed by the Huggle Me Close team, that when incorporated into snowsuits, coats and travel sleeping bags enables safe use in a car seat.

The awareness of the danger of children and babies wearing padded clothing in a car seat is rapidly growing. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) states that children should not be put in a car seat whilst wearing thick clothing as this increases the risk of serious injury when the straps become slack as the fabric can compresses in the event of an accident.

Huggle Me Close's unique, patented technology is the only way to avoid the dilemma of warmth over safety in a car seat whilst enabling parents and carers to transfer their child from the house or buggy to the car without having to remove their outer clothing.

If you are interested in licensing this revolutionary, car-safe technology, enabling your brand to incorporate it into your range of snowsuits, coats and travel sleeping bags. 

For further information contact08006347448, 07931597775,