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Pregnancy Twinning - Motherhood without borders

Pregnancy Twinning is your way to give another woman the maternal care that every mum deserves.

As the poorest country in the world, women from Malawi are seventy times more likely to die in childbirth than their British counterparts, not because they are any less good at giving birth but because unlike us, they do not have automatic access to basic healthcare.  

Pregnancy Twinning Ambassador Marina Fogle explains "This scheme isn’t about building shiny new hospitals or giving 3D scans to expectant mothers, it’s about giving a very basic level of care which makes a profound difference.  £42 pays for a Mother Buddy to make eight visits and support an often isolated and vulnerable woman during her pregnancy.  The Mother Buddy will ensure she is taking appropriate medication, visiting a hospital if necessary and making a plan about getting her to a clinic to deliver her baby.  And this seemingly simple process really does save lives."

To make your pregnancy even more amazing or to help another woman access antenatal care throughout hers, head to


Gaz Allen