gloworm festival
Family Festival
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The Bazaar

Vintage fairground and Circus area, including trapeze artists, along with a beach area and market  

The Bazaar 


The Beach

The very popular area is back again with loads to do for the children and plenty of seats for mum and dad to take a break. 

This area is suitable for families who like slower paced activities and just need some chill time. 

Punch and Judy show runs everyday so make sure you check the times for when the show is. (That's is the way to do it)    

You might even get to meet a Mermaid! 

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The Circus  

Happy’s Circus makes it’s debut visit to Gloworm Festival 2018. It is a professional all human (no animals) show providing fabulous family entertainment, which appeals to both adults and children, just read their 5 star reviews on Facebook!
Gloworm will host four shows in the colourful, 600 seat all-weather Circus Big Top
on both Saturday & Sunday
Show times are @: 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm
There are 2 A shows & 2 B shows each day. Please book on the day to see the shows at your preferred time   
Performances feature illusion, aerial straps, double adagio, aerial silks, magic, spinning plates, speciality acts: (unique to Happy’s Circus), including low wire with bubbles, high-bicycle balancing and explosive fire escapology, audience participation and clowns with hilarious original material
Happy’s Circus is dedicated to bringing the enchanting world of circus to communities across the UK…”Even the Kids will love it!”

*Please book on the day for the performance you wish to see*   

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The Victorian Fair Ground

 Come ride away on some of the countries finest traditional rides, this area is certainly a popular area with the teenagers

(Don't forget folk's the fairground is free to ride from 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. 

(After 5pm the rides will be charging a small fee.)

Opens Friday at 7pm - 10pm where the rides will charge a small fee, this is the same on Sunday after 5pm -7pm


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