gloworm festival
The one true family festival

Gloworm Fairground

Gloworm Fairground 

At Gloworm in our first year we had a lot of reviews about queues for rides - so this year we have increased the number of rides along with firm favourites like Hook a duck, Coconut shy (These will obviously charged stalls) and to make it even better, they'll be staying open for Gloworm After Dark too!

Gloworm After Dark will run from 7pm - 10pm where the main site closes down and the fun continues in the Fair ground area and the Big-top entertainment begins!       

All of the rides will be included in your ticket price throughout the day time 10am-5pm, however there will be a small charged applied to the rides from 5pm-10pm. ( This will be clearly signed and there will be a last ride notice point)  

This year at Gloworm we have: