gloworm festival
The one true family festival

The Beach

the GEM 106 beach

Summer Holidays becoming to expensive? Have no fear, we are bringing the beach to you. A sure favourite for all ages, The Beach will return to Gloworm in 2017. We warmly invite you to come  play in the sand with the bucket and spades whilst mum and dad relax in the the giant deck chairs with a nice cold drink.

Not only will you be able to relax by the sand, but there will also be; 

  • The Pirate Ship picnic area 
  • 2 Soft play buses 
  • Lots of beach balls and games
  • Summer tunes playing all day long 

The Beach

You heard it here first! A beach... in the middle of Sherwood Forest. Who knew? We wonder if Robin Hood ever felt the sand between his toes? Pop along and build a sandcastle and enjoy playing at one of our sand tables. Which ever you choose, we know how much fun sand can be! 

GEM 106

Gem will be in the Beach area of the festival providing lots of fun for you and the family, whilst playing you loads of the music you love. Come and join Gem at on THE BEACH area for the best music, beach balls and lots of games

Pirate Picnic

Ah-ha me hearty, pull up a plank and grab your lunch box. This is a great place to sit and eat with your family and fill your tums. Just have a little look at the photos of our pirate picnic from last year. 

Soft Play Buses 

Want to stay out of the sun? Have a little monkey who loves to climb? Then pop along to one of the two play buses and let them burn off some of their energy. 

Clip Clop Donkey Rides

Clip Clop Pony Rides are looking forward to attending the Gloworm Festival this year with our adorable donkeys. The unicorns are having a holiday so the donkeys are heading on down to Clumber Park, so come along to meet and ride the donkeys down at the beach!



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