My Little Pony

Find your sparkle at the Gloworm Festival with My little Pony!

My Little Pony are joining us this year as one of our main sponsors, and they’re here to help discover the uniqueness inside of you. Once you’ve found your own special magic, it's time to Make Your Mark on your world. With our Pony friends living in harmony, the magic of the Cutie Mark is shining stronger than ever and just like every pony has a unique Cutie Mark, every kid has unique passions and talents. To Make Your Mark means to let your kindness and confidence glow bright enough for every pony to see. When you embrace your best self, you inspire your friends to do the same and together you create a more beautiful and inclusive world!

Make sure you gallop over to the My Little Pony zone and let your own magic shine at the Gloworm Festival.

Bring your sparkle to life with Nail Art and Face Painting at the My Little Pony Customisation Station. Once you’ve had your makeover, why not bounce on over to the Dance Mat off and show us your  awesome pony moves!

Get creative with the Cutie Mark Making where you will have the chance to make your very own Unicorn Horn headband, Friendship Bracelet, Badge and keyring to show off to all the other pony's at the Gloworm Festival! And just so you won't forget about the magical time you had, you'll have the chance to Design and Print your own pony names & door hangers to take home so you can remember that you made your mark with My Little Pony at the Gloworm Festival.

Not only will you be able to enjoy all those fun packed activities that are available to do in the My Little Pony area, but you can also kick back and watch and sing-along to My Little Pony: A New Generation in the Big Top on Sunday 14th August!