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Face Paintoos

Face Paintoos transform the magic of ‘face painting’ into a fun and easy activity for everyone.

Face Paintoos have the most popular themes including Wild Animals, Magical Creatures and Cutest Pets!

Children aged 4 and over will have the opportunity to choose their favourite Face Paintoos design and have it applied on to their faces.

No painting skills required! Easy and quick to apply! Professional results every time! Long-lasting! Doesn’t smudge! Easy to remove!


The joys of craft in a cute animal world with endless possibilities of personalisation. 

Thanks to the unique 'Create, Rinse and Re-colour' feature, children can craft  their own story every time they play, not once, but over and over again!

Each set offer hours of fun customising the Fuzzikins and their world!

The children will get to colour a Fuzzikins character and keep it!


FabLab®  is a range of activity kits that enable girls to explore, play and experiment with their style in a fun and safe way. FabLab cosmetics are 100% non-toxic and designed specifically for children.

Children age 8 and over will have the opportunity to have a fun make-over and to try on FabLab products including Tattoos Jewellery and Hairlights!