Thoresby Park Sponsor the Gloworm Festival

The Gloworm Festival is returning to it’s new home Thoresby Park for a second year running.

Nottinghamshire is surrounded by some of the most wonderful woodlands and forest the UK has to offer, and Thoresby is no exception. The luscious green trees, and beautiful historic bridges lend themselves perfectly to the magic of the Gloworm Festival. We’d we lying if we didn’t say that Thoresby Hall creates the most beautiful backdrop to this family favourite event.

Not only is Gloworm returning to Thoresby Park, but also the park is now a proud sponsor of the event.

‘Thoresby Park is delighted to be hosting and sponsoring the Gloworm Festival in 2019. Gloworm, as a brand, fits perfectly with our plans to develop a family friendly offer at Thoresby Park, in partnership with local businesses. With the emphasis on creating fantastic experiences and days out for our local communities, Gloworm gives us a great platform for promotion and to encourage more families to visit Thoresby Park for a day out. They can learn about our story, the fantastic countryside, farmland and woodland we have at Thoresby, and also try out the many activities we put on throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming the event back to the park in 2019.’
Helen Eshelby, Outdoor Events Manager – Thoresby Park

You will be able to join the Thoresby team at Gloworm to participate in some brilliant woodland related crafts. From Den Building to Wildlife watching, this is a perfect place to go and explore with your mini nature detectives.