Ultimate Coldplay to Perform at Gloworm!

The band’s natural musicianship and love for all things Coldplay has seen them successfully recreate all the energy and excitement of the real live Coldplay experience.
Having originally formed in 2017, each individual member of the band brings their own level of experience and musical expertise, having toured and recorded across the world in many different capacities. One of the standout performers comes in the form of the band’s frontman, whose incredible likeness to the original Coldplay’s Chris Martin adds to the band’s unrivalled authenticity.

Fiercely dedicated to their craft, the band has graced a vast number of stages performing all the greatest hits from each of Coldplay’s hit albums. In doing so, Ultimate Coldplay has firmly established itself as the United Kingdom’s best live Coldplay tribute band, doing musical justice to one of the most successful British rock bands of modern times. As a result, their success has led to them becoming a popular choice for both corporate entertainment and as wedding entertainment.

Sure to put on a stellar show, Ultimate Coldplay successfully recreates the thrilling concert experience characteristic of the original act’s world-wide performances. In this, the band has been able to develop an impressive level of musicianship, skillfully playing off each other’s strengths to electrify crowds wherever they go.

As such, the band has become known as being the best possible alternative to the actual Coldplay concert experience. Putting on a real show that is suitable for all ages, Ultimate Coldplay continues to prove the popularity of the original act across the globe. In doing so, their performance makes for a worthy addition to Coldplay’s lasting legacy as a musical force to be reckoned with.